WebHook broker that accepts notifications from multiple platforms and performs simple actions in response
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Line and Sinker

Hooks, lines and sinkers

Line and Sinker (LaS) works with WebHooks from multiple services in order to bridge them together. Think of it as a personal ifttt instance for development and infrastructure tooling.


All configuration is done using environment variables to facilitate easy deployment in a docker container.

Global settings:

Environment variable Description
LAS_BASE_URL Base web-facing URL at which LaS is accessible, used to generate hook URLs
LAS_SECRET Random string used to generate secure hook URLs
LAS_ADMIN_PASSWORD Password to require for web-based admin functionality

URL format

LaS accepts WebHook calls to URLs in the format of /hook/<service>/<identifier>/<hash>, where <service> is the service calling (e.g. GitHub, Jenkins), <identifier> is some service-specific identifier for the hook (e.g. the name of a repository or project), and <hash> is a hex-encoded sha-256 hash of the service, LaS secret, and identifier concatenated together. The secret prevents anyone that discovers the endpoint from triggering hooks spuriously or maliciously.

Supported services

Docker registry

LaS accepts hooks from the docker registry. There are no configuration options.


Environment variable Description
LAS_GITEA_URL Base URL of the Gitea instance to connect to
LAS_GITEA_TOKEN Application token to use to authenticate to Gitea
LAS_GITEA_ADD_HOOKS If present, automatically add hooks to all repos

LaS accepts Gitea webhooks and can automatically add itself as a hook for all repositories it has access to using the given token.


Environment variable Description
LAS_JENKINS_URL Base URL of the Jenkins instance to connect to
LAS_JENKINS_USER Username of the Jenkins account to use to connect
LAS_JENKINS_PASSWORD Password of the Jenkins account to use

LaS accepts Jenkins webhooks but does not automatically create them. It can start Jenkins jobs in response to other events.


Environment variable Description
LAS_REPORTBOT_URL The full URL to the report API endpoint
LAS_REPORTBOT_KEY The authentication key to use
LAS_REPORTBOT_CHANNEL The channel to send messages to

LaS can send messages to a ReportBot instance.


LaS accepts JSON events from Sensu. There are no configuration options.


LaS accepts Slack-style webhooks. There are no configuration options.


All code is formatted using Black with default settings. There is a pre-commit config file to enable automatic black formatting on commit; to enable it simply:

pip install pre-commit
pre-commit install