Docker container for the Unifi controller application
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UniFi Controller Dockerfile

This is a dockerised version of the Unifi Access Point (UAP) Controller.


Create a named volume to persist data:

docker volume create --name unifi-data

Pull the image for the desired version of the controller:

docker pull csmith/unifi:4.8.18

Start a container, exposing ports as needed:

docker run -d --name unifi \
              --restart always \
              -p 8443:8443 \
              -p 8080:8080 \
              -v unifi-data:/var/lib/unifi \

The container exposes these ports:

  • 8080 (used by the UAPs to send messages to the controller)
  • 8443 (admin web interface, HTTPS)
  • 8843 (HTTPS captive portal redirection)
  • 8880 (HTTP captive portal redirection)