Automatically requests Let's Encrypt certificates for containers with a vhost label
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Automatic Let’s Encrypt certificate generator

This connects my docker-service-reporter and docker-letsencrypt-lexicon containers together. Between the three, they create a pipeline to automatically obtain Let’s Encrypt certificates for containers as they’re added or modified.


The service-reporter container populates etcd with details about known containers.

This container monitors etcd for a label specifying vhosts, and builds a list of domain names and alternatives that need certificates.

Finally, letsencrypt-lexicon takes in the list of domain names and obtains the actual certificates for them.


Create a named volume to use for the domains list and resulting certificates:

docker volume create --name letsencrypt-data

You should mount this volume in the letsencrypt-lexicon container at /letsencrypt.

Then run this container. It takes the same arguments as service-reporter:

  --etcd-host (default: etcd) hostname where ectd is running
  --etcd-port (default: 2379) port to connect to ectd on
  --etcd-prefix (default: /docker) prefix to read keys from
  --name (default: unknown) name of the host running docker

So running the container will look something like:

docker run -d \
  --name service-letsencrypt \
  --restart always \
  -v letsencrypt-data:/letsencrypt \
  csmith/service-letsencrypt:latest \